Justification on the shelf


  • Will contact the supermarkets
  • Work out the consumer needs through dialogue with the buyers
  • Prepare market reports to establish the justification on the shelf
  • Help with practicalities such as drawing up contracts and how to comply with the Danish food regulations

We keep informed about what takes place in the Danish market.
We facilitate not only your work but to a great extent also the customers’ by reducing the number of persons to contact, higher security in filling in forms correctly, – and thus avoiding mistakes. 
Assistance through an agency as regards designs and sales material.
Drafting and suggestions to activities at the various super market chains

  • The sales costs will be reduced  substantially
  • More time used for production and less time for administrative tasks between you and your customer
  • Time spent on meetings – is often time wasted, as you will never come so far in the discussion because you are thinking along different lines

Assistance with suggestions to and planning of activities.
Objectives seen as regards the customer

that we increase your turnover significantly
that we develop new and attractive products
  • that we keep doing what we are good at…
  • that we focus on working – ”smarter not harder”