Are you a supermarket chain?

Get your product in the stores

If you are a buyer, purchasing manager, or product manager with responsibility for one or more food categories, then we know that you will look for an innovative company like FOOD.IS.MORE. We can assist you in solving some of the challenges you are facing every time you have found a new interesting producer and see a potential in the innovative products.



Stay focused on your primary task.

To launch a cooperation with a new Danish or international producer requires many resources which might take away your focus on your primary effort: To increase turnover and earnings.

FOOD.IS.MORE is ready to assist you, just get in touch with us, and we will contact your producer and establish a cooperation between both parties.

Your advantages:

  • You save many resources
  • You can rely on the fact that there is focus on innovation inside your area of responsibility
  • You can rely on the fact that all information you need to introduce new products will be given in a professional and consistent way each time.
  • You can rely on the fact that your producer will be guided through the Danish legislation so you avoid problems with products which cannot be approved.