About the logo


Food is more logo

The logo is created with basis in FOOD.IS.MORE’s primary functions.

It is about consumption and with human beings in the center. To choose a product – to pay a price for a product of the quality wanted – to carry a product from sender to recipient. All are actions – and often rightly – symbolized with the hand.

It is about communication.

To get a message across and make contact between producer and consumer with a corresponding set of values, often through the complicated “language” we know as marketing and design. With basis in hands and communication – it is not far to get communication with hands = sign language.

But what will FOOD.IS.MORE communicate?

Food of course. That is why we write FOOD in sign language and in this way the brand gets its own way of expressing a word, communicated in thousands of ways before. Suddenly we have a situation where 2 + 2 equals 5.

f i food tegnsprog
The sign F equals the diver’s sign for OK – a recognition of a successful situation, – also used to describe a delicious meal, – as you often have the mouth filled when asked!

00 for food i tegnsprog
And when the little ones are playing that they are using binoculars, they use what in sign language corresponds to two O’s in front of their eyes. FOOD.IS.MORE wants to have a relationship of trust with the consumer, and with a background in many years of experience in the business as well as in the kitchen, it is our primary task to look for new exciting products and of course quality products.

d for food i tegnsprog
At last we have the D – expressed as a lifted forefinger – often related to a situation where the person making the sign wants to draw you attention to something and therefore wants our full attention. FOOD.IS.MORE chooses only the best products and wants to declare the contents of the products – because in quality products there is nothing to be ashamed about.

FOOD.IS.MORE has the finger on the pulse.

At the same time FOOD.IS.MORE knows the customer and has the finger on the pulse as regards the customers’ wishes and how the producer gets acquainted with them in the best way possible.

Binder man så en snor om pegefingeren, handler det jo pludseligt om at huske.
If you have a piece of string around your forefinger, – it is suddenly about memory.

Logo is designed by Nikolaj Effert Jonassen