This is how we cooperate:

Business is very much about people and very much about interaction between the parties. It is about mutual understanding of increasing your business, – and this is achieved through a serious and applied cooperation. When we cooperate with the tasks both parties are enthusiastic about, – we create the biggest successes.

We want to be a reliable and serious partner between the producer and the supermarkets.


FOOD.IS.MORE has the vision that food is not just food. Food is an experience created from decent raw materials, and you have food of a high quality. We want to be your preferred cooperator when new innovative food products and customer friendly packagings are created.


FOOD.IS.MORE has the mission – less is more. In cooperation with our customers we want to make sure that we through constructive dialogue can optimize and increase your earnings by emphasizing quality instead of quantity.

We offer you a cooperation –  where we are concentrating on development of products packed in a way where the customers’ needs for adapted units is in focus and thereby helps reducing food waste.


  • innovation is the focus
  • the consumer is part of the development
  • we have room for humour in our work
  • we celebrate our successes


  • We want to be your preferred professional cooperator who make
your business and your earnings grow
  • We want to be known for our ability to work with food 
produced of decent raw materials and of a high quality
  • We want to be known for having chosen the packaging with care